About Me

About Me

Philipp Rost

Front End Developer

I am a professional front end developer with focus on Javascript and React. I worked with plenty of technologies and my deep thrive to learn constantly keeps me up to date.

The build tools of my choice are Webpack 4 and Babel to transpile ES6 features and JSX down to Javascript the browser can comprehend.

My favorite IDE/Editor is Visual Studio Code and I use the Fira Code a monospaced font to make use of ligatures. If you are interested in this, click this link to their repository.

There are some libraries and frameworks I use momentarily very often, for instance Bootstrap 4 and React-Bootstrap to make use of their components and utility classes as well as their grid system.

NPM is a great resource for awesome software and I discover almost daily new cool stuff. Some of my favorite npm packages webpack-dashboard, webpack-merge, release-it, husky and better-npm-run. (Excluding Babel and Webpack as well as their plugins, I kind of take them for granted already)


As we speak I am working on decoupled WordPress themes based on React. Also I do a lot of maintaining, deployment work with Digital Ocean, which includes setting up Droplets, configure them and install SSL certificates and so on.

Besides that I work mostly on the development of new products or new features. I am the maintainer and only developer of more than 10 WordPress websites and I developed several themes for our company.

Since our company develops mostly mobile apps I am responsible for webviews within their applications. Based on that I build scalable medium sized React applications with the support of Redux for state management.

As React Developer I know how to build HOC’s, Render Props and also used already newer features such as Hooks. I try to test my code as often as possible although it is not always doable due to short deadlines.

For CI/CD I use Travis-CI and for version control GIT and Github but also Gitlab sometimes. For most of the stuff I use the command line except for Docker I use Kinetics from time to time.


Main Skills

  • Javascript/ES6
  • React
  • Redux
  • Git
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Bootstrap
  • CLI
  • WordPress

Architecture Skills

  • Module Pattern
  • Factory Pattern
  • Observer
  • Singleton
  • Constructor Pattern

Additonal Skills

  • Sketch
  • Photoshop
  • English/German
  • Cooking

>>> Check out my Udemy courses.