About me

About me

I am a full time software developer located in  the Netherlands. I work mainly on the front end and with Javascript/Typescript.

In my free time I like to teach others how to code and guide newcomers to find their entry in software development.

How did I become software developer

As self taught developer I started very early to learn programming. I think I was about 14 years old when I got the first time in touch with coding.
Back then I was fairly inexpirienced and probably a bit naiv when I got my first reference book for C++.

I barely understood anything besides the basics such as printing something to the console and writing basic functions. Pretty fast I switched over to web development and started first learning PHP since it was back then quite easy to learn, shortly after HTML and CSS followed and I learned how to write some markup and styles.

With those skills in the bag I moved to Java, to a little experimental GUI and 2d graphics programming since I was also a huge gamer back then. I liked Java quite a bit but I still had my trouble to understand the larger picture on how software is orchestrated and organized, also I was pretty slow since all I did was some smaller side projects.

Since I got my hands on my very first PC I knew I wanted to work with computers, even though I didn't have a specific imagination about what exactly I would like to do.

After some years graduating school and doing non technical jobs for a long time I started returning to web development, this time I included Javascript which I barely touched before. Once I understood the language and updated my outdated knowledge about CSS and HTML, I stayed in that field. One's follows the other and I started working early on with React, Angular and NodeJS.

Because I still worked in non technical jobs and also for personal growth I decided at some point to change my path of life. I made a five year plan to get all required degrees that would allow me to attend University. (This is based on the German education system)

After five years I held all my degrees needed to apply for Uni and I went on studying Computer Science and Communications at a Technical University. I attended several lectures on how to write C and Python but shortly after I spent actually more time refining my front end skills with React, Javascript and co. During the second semester I started building up a outstanding portfolio site and applied all over the country for entry-level positions.

Luckely I got immediate responses from almost all companies I applied to. Several positions required short technical interviews or some test task to fulfill. Within approximately a month I was accepted at my first Junior software developor position on the other side of the country and I gladly moved to finally get the job I've always dreamed of.

That was now almost four years ago and since then I have left my birth country and work now as Software Developer for an amazing start up in the Netherlands.