April 3, 2019

Let's build a indie game

Let's build a indie game

Before we begin

Since I have been a child I always wanted to create my own game. I tried many times very hard and failed due to frustration or lack of patience. Many years later and with quite some experience as developer I want to give it a try again. I am this time determent to finish this project since my job has taught me a lot about persistence and patience. Also I think it will make me a better developer, especially when I try more often to think outside the box.

My day to day job is different but my skills are definitely helping me. As software I choose Game Maker Studio 2 and I want to make use extensively of Game Makers very own GML scripting language. All the things, problems I encounter I will document on this blog and present solutions I have found. This will not just only help you people when you encounter the same issues, it will certainly help me also a lot with understanding Game Maker.

So, let's get started!